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A stunning Himalayan massif, Annapurna is Sanskrit for “Goddess of the Harvests.” One leaf and a bud, plus a mature leaf are plucked. The tea is oxidized slowly, in cold air, then double fired. An exceptional Darjeeling-style oolong, Annapurna Oolong is infused with apricot and muscat grape flavors. Its liquor is full-bodied, revealing a beautiful red-amber hue distinctive to our teas. Subtle notes of malt and caramel linger in the finish.

Steeping Instructions

One heaping teaspoon of tea per 8 ounce cup. Cool boiling water for 2 minutes, then steep tea 2 - 3 minutes. Additional Steeping: One steeping for 2 - 3 minutes.

Oolong Tea

Oolong Tea

2 - 3 Minutes
Summer Flush


Brewing Temp
Caffeine Strength
Caffeine Strength 3
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    Phil H.
    Sure this is not a white????

    Smooth astringency. If one wants a mellow oolong, then this is it. This reminds me too much of a white tea.

    Heather C.

    This tea is awesome! When I first brewed it I thought it was going to be bitter just because of how dark the liquor (liquid) was but I was very wrong! There was no bitterness at all and it was smooth and enjoyable to drink. The tea leaves are beautiful to look at and unfold in such a cool way while being brewed. I highly recommend brewing this tea in a glass container so you can see the leaves moving around. Also, be sure to get multiple brews out of the same leaves as the flavor changes slightly with each brew and tastes great throughout!

    Refreshing and smooth

    I happened upon a New York Times article on teas from Nepal including these teas. As a primarily coffee drinker for most of my life who had been experimenting with teas for the last five years or so I decided to try my first whole leaf teas. Since I'd been primarily drinking oolong in tea bags I decided to try the whole leaf oolongs, starting off with Annapurna. What a surprise! It is so light on the tongue. I'd expected something fuller and more astringent. In fact I assumed all tea was astringent. But Annapurna is not at all. Instead it is a complex but very smooth drink. I'd never thought of smoothness in tea before but I don't know how else to explain it. Each drink of the tea seems to have a range of tastes and sensations and yet they all flow as one smooth taste. There is another taste I've noticed in Annapurna. I assume it is the muscatel taste associated with Darjeeling and Darjeeling-like teas. It was at first a surprise, something lighter and fruitier than I'd previously experienced in teas. But it has grown on me and is now another of the elements I enjoy in this tea. I should end by saying that there's also a feeling of healthfulness in the tea. Perhaps it's just the sense of lightness, like an early spring breeze after a long and cold winter. I should add that with so little experience drinking tea I didn't expect to be so flowery in my description and probably have no right to be. But it is honest nonetheless. I truly enjoy the teas from Nepali Tea Traders.

    Nepali Tea Traders

    Hi Ken, We are so thrilled to know that you enjoyed our Annapurna Amber Oolong Tea. Thank you so much for your great feedback. We truly appreciate it!

    J.A Scott
    I have been missing out!

    Great Tea, I've finally found my "go to" brand! This tea was packaged properly and was unbelievably good. This is the best tasting oolong tea. I made it in my French press which extracts all the flavors! I like that this company is women-owned and are committed to supporting the farmers and the educations of their children’s. The packaging is perfect. I bought the 3.oz tin. I must say they thought of everything. Thank you!

    I am really happy I ordered this product and will do so again-

    This is an excellent tasting loose leaf tea, very smooth. It has become my husband's favorite tea and I order it once a month just for him.