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Every purchase helps to build a sustainable tea economy in Nepal.

Our Cause and Inspiration

Nepal is a land of unmatched beauty and a warm, gracious people. It is one of Asia’s poorest countries, where tea workers earn dollars a day. Our mission is to work with our Nepali partners to market this remarkable tea in the U.S. and with each sale, to  improve health and education for children in need. Every time you enjoy a cup of this remarkable Nepal tea, you are helping improve lives and create a more prosperous future for the tea farmers.

Pure Tea from Rare Earth

Look just below the epic mountain peaks of Nepal and you will find what many consider the most pristine and perfect environment for growing tea in the world. The elevation: high, but not too high. Between 4,000 and 8,000 feet (1,220m – 2,438m) where the air is thin and cool but not restrictive. The soil: rich and healthy, benefiting from 1000mm of annual rainfall in addition to winter snow bringing life-giving moisture that is naturally drained away to the hills below. The seasons: a longer winter and shorter summer perfectly biased towards a long dormancy cycle that tea bushes favor.

Nepal Tea Plantation

Look even closer and you will find the people of Nepal: warm and inviting, industrious and spiritual.  And though Nepal is a country of unmatched beauty and unique geography, that same geography presents problems. Nepal has no coastline, making the movement of goods into and out of the country very challenging. Though lush and pristine, the land offers scarce opportunity suitable for industry or farming.

This leaves the people of Nepal with little options for self-sufficiency, leading to high unemployment and an impoverished population.

The rare combination factors found in the low hills of Nepal are nearly perfect for growing tea, and the farmers of Nepal have developed techniques over generations that have resulted in the exquisite tea we sell. Nepali tea is hand-picked and processed with minimal machinery, resulting in less damage to the leaves that can impact the flavor and longevity of the tea. Nepali tea bushes never see a pesticide and are fertilized with only natural materials.

Returning Balance to Unfair Practices

Historically tea traders have taken advantage of Nepali tea farmers and their limited options in exporting their teas to the world. Disingenuous traders are known to offer far below market prices for Nepali tea only to then take this premium crop and falsely repackage it as Indian tea, selling it on the international market for many multiples more than they paid for it.

The mission of Nepali Tea Traders is to empower the tea farmers of Nepal to bring prosperity and agency to their nation. We do this by working directly with farmers to offer them fair prices for their premium product, trading with them honestly and in good faith. We buy directly from the farmers and sell either directly to tea drinkers around the world through our website or by distributing the tea to a select group of retailers who share our belief in fair trade and sustainable products.

As we invest in the tea economy of Nepal, farmers can reinvest in infrastructure and production which in turn creates jobs and opportunity for others in the community. As the tea economy grows, so does the ability for the people of Nepal to increase their quality of life through better education and healthcare, greater agency in business, stronger self-determination.

Nepal-Tea Traders -Education-Impact

Each cup of Nepali Tea Traders tea you enjoy has a direct impact on our commitment to building a sustainable tea economy in Nepal. There are many ways to express social consciousness, but few make such a direct and lasting impact as purchasing, enjoying, and sharing Nepali Tea Trader tea. By indulging your love of fine teas, you are spreading the word about this premium product from a unique place produced by an inspiring and gifted people.