About Us

Nepali Tea Traders sells premium, artisan award-winning teas from Nepal. The small company is a woman-owned social entrepreneurship founded to help to build a sustainable tea economy in Nepal. Although Nepal’s teas are some of the world’s finest, little tea has been exported to the U.S. and other Western countries. The company was started in order to market these pure, delicious teas, and to improve the income and quality of life for rural farmers.

The company sells its teas to wholesale and retail customers, as well as directly to consumers through this website.

Our Values

  • We believe that the teas from Nepal are among the best in the world.
  • We believe in fresh, pure tea that is healthy and great tasting.
  • We believe in exceptional, exciting products; in delighting our consumers.
  • We believe that building the tea industry in Nepal will help the people of Nepal by creating jobs, infrastructure and sustainable business expertise.
  • We believe in both environmental sustainability and social welfare.  We support the high standards of Nepal’s Code of Conduct on orthodox tea cultivation.
  • We believe in pursuing profitable growth and re-investing to help the people and country of Nepal.

Our Team

Sunita Karmacharya Joshi, Co-Owner

As the youngest daughter in a tight knit and supportive family, I was encouraged to question Nepal's traditional and cultural norms, especially as it related to male dominance. Fortunately, my parents believed in opportunities for girls and women, prioritized education and encouraged me to pursue my college degree in the United States. It was extremely challenging to make ends meet, attend college in a foreign language, and to be so far away from home. But with every challenge and hardship, I became more focused and resilient. After finishing college, I was fortunate to get a job at a start-up company where I performed every role that was needed. This entrepreneurial experience prepared me well for this new venture and to advance Nepali Tea Traders and its mission.  

I love spending time talking with my family and friends, walking with my husband along dirt paths and seeing the world through my two year old son's eyes - "Everything looks so beautiful!"

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Rabin Joshi, Co-Owner and President

When I was growing up in Nepal, tea was a daily ritual in our household. After coming to America, I missed that and other aspects of our culture but remained focused on college and my career in the beverage industry.   I have always had an entrepreneurial spirit, so I am thrilled to drive Nepali Tea Traders forward and to make a difference for my homeland. I plan to continue to bring the pure, artisan organic teas to my "home away from home" and to contribute to building a sustainable tea economy in Nepal. Through tea, I also want to spread the warmth that bonded our family, friends and neighbors!  

While not working, I enjoy playing guitar, singing with my young son, traveling and tasting tea with my wife.


Maggie Le Beau

Maggie Le Beau, Founder 

One of my most gratifying experiences of my life has been to start this small company with a big vision – that tea can transform Nepal. I treasure the people that I meet along the way, and am moved every time that I hear of a tea worker who can send their daughter to school as a result of our tea sales. While working to spread the word about some the best teas in the world, I enjoy all of our teas, especially the Jade Spring White and Pokhara Classic Green.   LinkedIn Profile


Bob Bush

Bob Bush, Finance and Legal

I still recall vividly my fascinating, productive first trip to Nepal to visit the tea gardens, spend time with our tea experts and partners, and inspect our first shipment of tea. It’s so fulfilling to apply the skills I’ve honed in the corporate world to bring the world’s finest tea to the U.S., build a self-sustaining tea industry and to help the Nepalese children. As an avid cook, I appreciate the delicious nuances of all of our teas.


Pat Nichols

Pat Nichols, Communications and Marketing

After many fulfilling years in the corporate world, I’m delighted to be part of a small company with big plans and an inspirational and worthy cause. Colorado has been home to our family for many years, and we are enthusiastic cyclists, hikers and skiers. A lifelong black tea and coffee drinker, I’ve come to appreciate the health benefits and subtleties of our delicious white tea, which can be enjoyed all day long.

Rob Burnett

Rob Burnett, International Operations

I first traveled to Nepal in 2007 before I started college and instantly fell in love with the people, culture and landscape. During my second trip to study development and international aid, my understanding deepened. My favorite tea is our Half Moon Pearl Green. Off hours, I enjoy cycling anywhere.


Our Tea Experts and Partners in Nepal

Chandra Bhushan Subba, Managing Director, Sandakphu Tea and Tea Direct

I was born in the Ilam region of Nepal and earned my specialization in Tea Husbandry and Technology. My background includes 20 years of experience in tea cultivation, manufacturing, tea blending and tasting in addition to all facets of business development for Nepal’s tea industry. My philosophy is to involve the tea farmers in all aspects of producing orthodox tea, including ownership of the local factories and employing more women at all levels. I am delighted to partner with Nepali Tea Traders, who share my vision of transforming the tea industry in our country. I drink all types of our precious teas, and especially like Ruby Tea.