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When it comes to selecting tea, your options today may feel like they are unlimited. However, there’s a huge difference in quality and taste between specialty and commodity tea. Today we’re going to take a deeper look into these two types of tea, so you can understand the benefits of upgrading to specialty tea for your next purchase.


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What is Specialty Tea?

The word specialty is often used to describe something that’s unique or higher in quality, but when it comes to tea, it’s describing high-grade, loose leaf tea. This tea is usually produced at smaller estates, and the tea is higher in quality and is often both organic and fair trade. In the USA, it’s considered there are four categories of tea, which include specialty, supermarket, food service, and ready-to-drink. Specialty tea is affected by the region in which it’s grown, which influences its flavor and depth. It contains only whole leaf or partial loose leaf tea and won’t add any cut or blended tea leaves. As it uses these larger leaves, you’ll enjoy a stronger flavor than a regular tea bag.

What is Commodity Tea?

Commodity tea can be used to describe almost any other type of tea, including your ready-to-drink teas and grocery store blends. It’s commonly made with cut pieces of tea, which are blended to create tea bags. These tea bags may even contain dust and fannings, which reduce the quality of the tea dramatically. Commodity tea is produced with making high quantities in mind, as opposed to focusing on quality. The majority of tea you find in a grocery store today will be commodity tea. It’s produced in various countries around the world, including Sri Lanka, Kenya, and India, where it’s affordable to produce and creates the best taste for tea bags.

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What are the Benefits of Specialty Tea?

There are many benefits of opting for specialty tea instead of commodity tea. While it may have a slightly higher price tag, the quality and the flavor you’ll enjoy are well worth the additional cost. This higher grade of tea is produced in a unique manner, which ensures the leaves are picked and processed with care. Generally, specialty tea is ethically sourced, and you can enjoy any tea in this manner. Herbal or fruit teas can also be specialty teas, and they will usually contain pieces of real fruit as opposed to artificial flavors. With specialty tea, you’ll also find you know exactly what you are putting into your cup of tea. It’s very easy for dust to be used to bulk out tea bags, but you’ll see what you’re getting and putting into your body when you opt for specialty tea.


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Specialty tea is now easier than ever before to purchase online and is well worth the additional expense for the quality and taste difference. While commodity tea may seem like a more convenient option, take the time to consider what you are putting into your body to ensure you receive the full benefits of consuming tea each day.

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