Rara Willow White Tea - Refreshing | Light | Citrus

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A silvery bud and one tender first leaf are plucked early in the morning or late afternoon. The leaves are then withered overnight with a constant supply of natural air. Early in the morning, the leaves are hand rolled and then allowed to rest for one to two hours. Once the rolled leaves begin changing color, they are lightly machine-rolled for 15 minutes and then dried immediately with low heat. Final high heat drying increases the flavor profile and shelf life of this lovely white tea. The leaves emit extraordinary sweet grassy aromas. The cup reveals a sweet and crispy profile, with a lovely floral aroma. The finish reveals refreshing hints of orange and lemon.

Steeping Instructions

Two teaspoons of tea per 8 ounce cup. Cool boiling water for 2 minutes, then steep tea 3 - 4 minutes.

White Tea

White Tea

3 - 4 Minutes
Spring Flush


Brewing Temp
Caffeine Strength
Caffeine Strength 1
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    Philip H.
    A white with staying power

    All truly enjoyable teas have staying power, meaning that after the initial river of tea caresses your tastebuds, the taste lingers. Greens, oolongs, and blacks can all boast of staying power. White tea usually can't, but this tea has made me rethink that. After using the recommended 2 teaspoons at 180 degrees for 4 minutes, this tea bathes the mouth and tongue with a flavor profile that does indeed linger!! Other tea aficionados have used flavors of known fruits and other known flavors to describe the taste. But to me, this tea cannot be described with words. One can only try this tea and make their own comparisons. That's the wonderful thing about any tea, each tea is different to each person, and this tea is no different --- try it to form you're own opinion - you won't be disappointed!! This is a white above all whites!!!

    Nepali Tea Traders

    Dear Philip, Thank you for your wonderful feedback. We are thrilled to know that you enjoyed it.

    Simple S.
    Rara Willow White

    Ever had white tea? Asides the white tea from my Tea Sommelier course, Rara Willow White Tea, from Nepali Tea Traders, is a must, especially for the first timers. That is why traditional loose leaf teas are awesome, for you are always surprised. You will never have the same flavor, due to the growing regions, terroir, climates and harvesting. My initial olfactory, is of a fresh vine fruit. An uncut peach that's not too ripe. With a slight mint olfactory finish. The liquor is light honey, consistent with the third steeping. As you visually inspect the pictures, the liquor has mirror-like brightness. First tasting, wow, the briskness and sweetness on the tip of my tongue. It's like drinking a refreshing iced tea. My palate enjoyed each sip with a slight minty finish. The aftertaste of Rara Willow White Tea has left me impressed. If you have not tried white tea, this you'll enjoy. As recommended steeping of 3-4 minutes, I added 30 seconds for each steeping.

    Sororitea S.
    Rara Willow White Tea

    I reviewed this tea last year but I’m revisiting it for a couple of reasons: first, it was part of my January box (themed “Fresh Start”) from Amoda Tea. Second, it’s an amazing tea that I’m only too happy to be enjoying once again. I think I’d like to start this review by pointing out that I just love the boxes that Amoda Tea curates! They have great taste when it comes to tea and it’s evident in the teas that they select that they are very passionate about tea. If you haven’t yet tried their new monthly subscription, you’re missing out! This is an excellent white tea. I described it previously as a trip to the candy shop on Main Street in Disneyland – the flavor of this tea reminds me of those yummy rock sugar lollipops I used to buy there! That description still pretty much nails my first impression of this tea – it’s sweet and delightful. Once your palate becomes acclimated to the sweetness, you start to pick up on light citrus notes, especially noticeable near the finish. I find this citrus-y note to be very refreshing. My palate feels clean and invigorated after each sip. As I said in that previous review: this is a tea that all tea drinkers should try. It’s a remarkable white tea. One of the finest I’ve ever tasted. It resteeps beautifully too – the second infusion is just as delicious as the first!

    a white tea for people who don't like white teas

    I got my February box in the mail today, so before cracking into those teas, I wanted to finish the last one from January’s box. I don’t know why I was saving this tea, perhaps I think it just got pushed off by all the other stuff I had to drink at the time. Que Sera Sera! Wowza. This is not your average white. On the dry leaf, it smelled sweet, like candied orange peel and sweet summer melons. There was a touch of haylike floral scent to it as well. The leaves produce a light straw liquor that smells honey sweet. The wet leaf has a hint of smoky sweet potato. The brew…. DIS tea, yo. The brew tastes like a sweet, summer melon, malty dream! It’s like the ‘diet’ version of my absolute favorite black teas in that it is a light and sweet version of my coveted chocolatey, malty, desserty Fujian Blacks. This is definitely a white tea for people who don’t like white teas. Flavors: Honey, Honeydew, Malt, Straw

    I highly recommend this one.

    Amazing tea. So sweet. On the SororiTea Sisters review for this tea: http://sororiteasisters.com/2014/06/29/rara-willow-white-tea-from-nepali-tea-traders/ I compare the sweetness of this tea to be reminiscent of the rock candy on a stick that I used to buy at the Disneyland candy shop on Main Street. I realize I’m probably aging myself by saying this but we could get those things for like a nickle or a dime each and I would get a dollar’s worth … I loved those things. And the sweetness of this tea brings me back to that experience. No, it’s not exactly as sweet as rock sugar. But, it reminds me of the sweetness that sort of dances on the palate after I’ve finished one of those rock sugar lollipops. The aftertaste of sweetness. And there’s more to this tea, of course: sweet, fruity, slightly vegetal with hay-like notes, hints of melon and a dew-like taste. I highly recommend this one.