Collection Of Green Teas | 3 Premium Loose Leaf Teas

This collection includes three pure and flavorful green teas from the Ilam region of Nepal. The teas included in this collection are:

Half Moon Pearl | 1.8 oz - One leaf and a bud are plucked and processed by hand to create beautiful half-moon pearls. This is a fresh-tasting tea with sweet grassy and vegetal aromas and flavor.

Pokhara Classic Green | 2 oz -  A colorful Nepalese city that lies on the ancient trading route between India and China, Pokhara lies in the northwestern corner of a stunning green valley. Our tea is named for the area, which is the base of the popular Annapurna Circuit Trek. Our outstanding flagship green tea provides a springtime aroma and flavor and a bright, clean finish. This tea stays clear when cold-brewed. 

Green Pearls Of Agni | 1.8 oz – This unique, smoky green tea reflects the best qualities of our high-altitude Himalayan green teas, vibrant, fresh and flavorful. The green pearls evoke the energy, warmth, and wisdom of the Sanskrit fire god.  This tea is created with fresh leaves that are partially withered with the smoke of oak wood. Leaves are then de-enzymed, cool and rolled for 25 minutes. Tea leaves are then shaped into balls with the help of a shaping machine. They are dried,  hand sorted and packed

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