Collection of Teas from the Top of the World - 3 Distinctive Teas - Total of 5 or more ounces of tea
  • Collection of Teas from the Top of the World - 3 Distinctive Teas - Total of 5 or more ounces of tea

This collection includes three pure and flavorful teas from the Ilam region of Nepal (over five delicious ounces in total).  Each item is packaged in a generous kraft colored pouch - the teas included in this collection are:

Himalayan Golden Black Tea–  After a short summer season in Nepal, the Himalayan monsoon approaches the foothills with a magnanimous rush. The golden red soil of Sandakphu drinks in this moisture, producing a rare artisan tea that reflects all of nature’s goodness. After plucking, the leaves are 25 percent withered, then rolled in mechanical rollers. The tea is then placed in a shaping machine and further dried, producing uniformly curled leaves. The liquor is a distinctive rich golden color, with a cup that is mild yet flavorful, with a lovely balance of stone fruit and honey.  We were honored when the tea was selected the best Black tea by the North American Tea Championship in their 2015 Contest.

Emerald Spring Green Tea – The very first harvest of the season is set aside for Emerald Spring Green tea, harnessing all the natural freshness of spring that comes out only at the beginning of the season. The first buds and leaves of the spring season are selected for this mild, refreshing green tea. After hand-plucking, the leaves are quickly de-enzymed and conditioned. The result is a cup with a lovely green liquor and aroma of wildflowers. The tea is sweet and vegetal, reflecting all the freshness and beauty of spring in Nepal.

Rara Willow White Tea -  This award-winning white tea from Sandakphu is prepared only during mid-summer or early autumn at Sandakphu Garden. A silvery bud and one tender first leaf are plucked early in the morning or late afternoon. The leaves are then withered overnight with a constant supply of natural air. Early in the morning, the leaves are hand rolled and then allowed to rest for one to two hours. Once the rolled leaves begin changing color, they are lightly machine-rolled for 15 minutes and then dried immediately with low heat. Final high heat drying increases the flavor profile and shelf life of this lovely white tea. The leaves emit extraordinary sweet grassy aromas. The cup reveals a sweet and crispy profile, with a lovely floral aroma. The finish reveals refreshing hints of orange and lemon.



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