Collection Of Teas From The Top Of The World - 3 Distinctive Teas

This collection includes three pure and flavorful teas from the Ilam region of Nepal. The teas included in this collection are:

Himalayan Golden Black Tea | 1.6 oz– After a short summer season in Nepal, the Himalayan monsoon approaches the foothills with a magnanimous rush. The golden-red soil of Sandakphu drinks in this moisture, producing a rare artisan tea that reflects all of nature’s goodness. After plucking, the leaves are 25 percent withered, then rolled in mechanical rollers. The tea is then placed in a shaping machine and further dried, producing uniformly curled leaves. The liquor is a distinctive rich golden color, with a cup that is mild yet flavorful, with a lovely balance of stone fruit and honey.  We were honored when the tea was selected as the best Black tea by the North American Tea Championship in their 2015 Contest.

Pokhara Classic Green | 2 oz - A colorful Nepalese city that lies on the ancient trading route between India and China, Pokhara lies in the northwestern corner of a stunning green valley. Our tea is named for the area, which is the base of the popular Annapurna Circuit Trek. Our outstanding flagship green tea provides a springtime aroma and flavor and a bright, clean finish. This tea stays clear when cold-brewed. 

Dhaulagiri White Tea | 1.2 ozDhaulagiri is a stunning hand-picked, first-flush white tea that is dried and gently rolled, accentuating the purity of Nepal’s spring air. It is named after a stunning white mountain range and reflects its beauty in its pale gold liquor. Its silvery, green leaves have fragrant notes of marjoram, almond, and pine nut with hints of bean sprout and dried lily. Enjoy sipping this comforting tea.

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