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There are so many reasons to consider switching from using tea bags to loose leaf tea. Depending on where you are in the world, you’ve probably become accustomed to using tea bags every day. There’s a common misconception that loose leaf tea is incredibly difficult or time-consuming to prepare, but once you’ve learned the proper brewing method, you’ll find it’s far more enjoyable to consume this way. These are just a few of the top reasons why loose leaf tea is much better to drink than tea bags.

1. Higher Quality Tea

Loose leaf tea offers a far superior quality to tea bags, and you’ll find you experience many more health benefits from enjoying it in the natural form. Your tea is much fresher, more flavorful, and offers a purer taste. Tea bags are often filled with what’s described as dust and fannings, which ruins the taste of the tea when it’s prepared in this manner. Loose leaf tea offers more nutrients and antioxidants, and you’ll find the taste much stronger and more enjoyable to consume. Ultimately, you’ll know exactly what you are putting into your body with each cup, which is something that’s important to many of us today.


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2. Improved Flavor

With loose leaf tea, the quality is improved, and therefore, you’ll enjoy a much stronger flavor. Due to the techniques and methods used to grow, pick, and prepare the tea, this results in the essential oils remaining within the leaves, giving greater flavor to each cup of tea. As the tea leaves are whole, they will offer you a rich flavor that will continue to change as you brew the tea for different lengths of time.

3. Natural Experience

If you’ve ever taken the time to look at the ingredients in your tea bag, you may be surprised to notice that they often include chemicals or additives. Even the tea bag may contain chemicals that naturally enter your body when you drink your tea. These then enter your bloodstream, which is something we all want to avoid to enjoy a healthy life.


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4. Minimal Waste

One of the best things about loose leaf tea is that there’s minimal waste involved in each brew, as opposed to putting a tea bag in the trash each time you enjoy a cup of tea. Invest in a teapot that you’ll use over and over again, and you’ll never have to return to wasting paper or plastic with your morning cup of tea. You’ll also minimize your carbon footprint, as the production of loose leaf tea is less damaging to the environment.

5. No Plastic

One of the most common reasons for switching over to loose leaf tea is the environmental benefits it offers. You’ll no longer waste paper, plastic, or other materials with each brew, and there’s no concern about microplastics entering into your drink. Just as many people are trying to avoid single-use bottles, you may want to do the same with tea bags to avoid doing anything that may damage your health.

All of these reasons combined make it clear why loose leaf tea is far superior to tea bags. You’ll enjoy a richer taste experience while also benefiting the environment and your body by switching over to loose leaf tea this year.

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Heather Tower
Heather Tower

November 10, 2021

Absolutely! I have also found that with your wonderful tea, my dentist has less to do when I go for my cleanings. An added bonus!

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