Sagarmatha Gold Black Tea - Floral Bouquet | Caramel | Roasted Almonds



To the Nepalese, Mount Everest is “Sagarmatha,” and this exquisite first flush tea delivers an experience as rarefied as the pure mountain air. Tender buds grown in rich soil at 7,000 feet are plucked with an open leaf to allow the bud to breathe. The buds are carefully separated, withered, naturally oxidized, hand-rolled and dried. The result of this careful processing is a floral bouquet with notes of honey maple and roasted almonds. True to its name, Sagarmatha Gold ranked first in an international tea tasting held at Mount Everest Base Camp in April 2018.

Steeping Instructions

One teaspoon of tea per 8 ounce cup. Cool boiling water for 1 minute, then steep tea 3 - 4 minutes. Tea can be steeped more than once.

Black Tea

Black Tea

3 - 4 Minutes
First Flush


Brewing Temp
Caffeine Strength
Caffeine Strength 4

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