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Nepal is not just a country from which we source tea—it’s a region of unimaginable beauty. Those who have visited Nepal speak of its stunning monasteries; its world-renowned climbing and backpacking; and the kind denizens of the country.

We know if you’ve fallen in love with Nepali Tea Traders, you’ll fall in love with our homeland.



Lumbini is the birthplace of Prince Siddhartha Gautama (better known as the Buddha). Archeological evidence suggests he was born here in 623 BCE.

The Mayadevi Temple, located in the Lumbini Garden, is considered the most sacred site. That’s where the newly born Prince Siddhartha took his first seven steps and delivered his peace message to humanity.

It’s no wonder so many Buddhists go on pilgrimage here.


Pokhara has earned the epithet, “Jewel of the Himalaya,” and it’s no surprise why. Its spellbinding beauty has been the subject of many travel writers’ and trekkers’ diaries. With its pristine air, vistas of snowy peaks, and the serene Phewa, Begnas and Rupa Lakes, Pokhara serves as a starting point for treks into the Annapurna Himalaya.

Try boating along the lake, visit the Barahi Temple, and see the famous World Peace Pagoda (a dome-shaped stupa perched on the hilltop).


Famous for its production of Nepal tea (don’t get it confused with Darjeeling!), Ilam is an accessible region to explore. The municipality is known not just for its tea but also for its fine cheeses and agricultural exports.

Among the highlights of Ilam is an important religious site, Gajur Mukhi.  It’s located on the banks of Deumai River, west of Ilam bazaar. You’ll walk a carved tunnel (about 20 feet long and 10 feet high) containing images of Hindu deities—and if you visit during the full moon day of Kartik (Nepali month), you’ll witness exceptional rituals taking place.

Mt. Everest

Mt. Everest

We’d be remiss not to mention the highest mountain in the world.

Reaching an elevation of 29,035 feet (8,850 meters), Mount Everest has long been revered by local people. Its most common Tibetan name, Chomolungma, means “Goddess Mother of the World” or “Goddess of the Valley.” The Sanskrit name, Sagarmatha, literally means “Peak of Heaven.”

Since Nepal's civil war ended in 2006, the number of trekkers visiting the Everest region has skyrocketed. At the height of the season, over 60 flights land at Lukla Airport each day.

Fortunately, there are plenty of tea houses (mountain lodges) to accommodate travelers. They offer basic lodging and meals and are situated along the trekking routes. Many Sherpas in the Everest region own and operate these tea houses.


Kathmandu is home to the only international airport in the country. It’s also home to seven UNESCO-listed World Heritage Sites: the Kathmandu Durbar Squares, Patan and Bhaktapur, the Buddhist stupas at Swayambhunath and Boudhanath, and the ancient Hindu temples of Pashupatinath and Changu Narayan.

The World Heritage Sites are geographically spread out, so make sure you make time to visit these city gems.

Are you ready to visit Nepal?

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