August 09, 2023 2 min read

Tea lovers, did you know that the flavor of your favorite cup of tea can change with the seasons? In Nepal, where tea plants flourish, the timing of tea seasons influences the taste and aroma of the leaves that are plucked. Let's explore the fascinating world of Nepalese tea seasons!

Tea plants in Nepal follow a natural rhythm, producing new leaves in cycles known as "flushes." These flushes occur throughout the year and are categorized into four main seasons: First Flush, Second Flush, Monsoon Flush, and Autumn Flush.

Nepal-Tea-First Flush

First Flush (Spring): Picture the arrival of spring – delicate, fresh, and vibrant. The first flush occurs from late February to April. The tender leaves harvested during this time yield a light and brisk tea with floral notes. It's a favorite among tea enthusiasts, offering a unique and sought-after experience.

Second Flush (Summer): As summer arrives, the tea leaves grow more robust and mature. This flush takes place from May to June, resulting in a fuller-bodied tea. Imagine a cup with a sweet and fruity flavor, often featuring muscatel notes. It's a delightful change that warms the senses.


Monsoon Flush (Rainy Season): The monsoon flush, from July to September, brings a distinct character to Nepalese teas. Abundant rainfall leads to rapid leaf growth, producing teas that are darker and more robust in flavor. Embrace the rainy season's influence on your cup!

Autumn Flush (Fall): As the weather cools, the autumn flush emerges from October to November. While the leaves are less vigorous, they contribute to a mellow and aromatic brew. It's a soothing way to welcome the changing season.


Remember, the exact timing of these flushes can vary each year due to weather conditions. Factors like elevation and regional climate also play a role. The tea-growing regions of Nepal, such as Ilam, Dhankuta, and Jhapa, each bring their unique touch to the tea-making process.

In summary, Nepalese tea seasons are a journey through flavors. Each flush tells a story of the changing seasons and the care that goes into crafting the perfect cup. Whether you're sipping a delicate spring brew or indulging in a robust monsoon tea, the magic of Nepal's tea seasons awaits in every sip.

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