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Drinking loose leaf tea daily can offer many health benefits to consumers. Many of the benefits of tea are only realized when your tea is produced and consumed correctly. Loose leaf tea provides more benefits for your health than a regular tea bag, and various types of tea also have specific uses. As tea is such a huge part of our culture as humans, switching to loose leaf tea can greatly benefit your health and wellbeing.

Loose Leaf Tea from Nepal

While other countries may be known for their long history in tea production, loose leaf tea from Nepal has gained much interest in the past two centuries. The Prime Minister of Nepal was gifted tea seeds by the Chinese Emperor during a visit in 1863, which resulted in creating two tea plantations in the country the following year. Nepal produces cut-tear-curl teas and orthodox teas nowadays. Their loose leaf tea is often compared to Darjeeling tea, which is grown within view of their products. Throughout the year, Nepal grows tea which has a distinctive flavor depending on the time of year it’s harvested. By adding loose leaf tea from Nepal into your routine, you’ll experience the benefits listed below.


Benefits of Drinking Loose Leaf Tea

Adding loose leaf tea to your morning routine can offer many benefits to your overall health, and these are just a few of the key benefits consumers experience from drinking this tea daily.


One of the most commonly cited benefits of drinking tea daily is the high level of antioxidants present. Antioxidants work to remove the free radicals in your body, which may reduce your risk of cancer or heart disease in the long run.

 Anti-Inflammatory Properties

Tea also has anti-inflammatory properties, which can boost your immune system and improve your overall health. Green tea is particularly rich in antioxidants, thanks to the higher concentration of catechins. It may also boost your metabolism, which is why some individuals looking to lose weight turn to loose leaf tea instead of their regular tea or coffee. 

Lowers Cholesterol Levels

Loose leaf tea can help to reduce cholesterol levels, especially if you choose a less processed tea. The antioxidants in tea help to lower cholesterol levels and will inhibit the oxidation of LDL cholesterol.

Cardiovascular Disease

When consumed daily, loose leaf tea may act as a preventative measure for cardiovascular disease. Green tea can reduce bad cholesterol while working to improve good cholesterol levels. This type of tea may also improve your circulation, which can reduce your risk of heart disease when consumed as part of a healthy lifestyle.

Mental Clarity

As well as the physical benefits of drinking loose leaf tea, you may find consuming this tea helps with your mental clarity. Black and Ginseng tea can help to reduce fatigue and may also improve and awaken your thoughts. Matcha tea is also a popular option for anyone looking to improve their concentration or memory.

Drinking loose leaf tea offers many benefits to consumers, which is why so many individuals are switching over from their previous drink of choice. When purchasing loose leaf tea, ensure you look for a product that is unprocessed and potent to gain the benefits listed above. Different types of tea offer various advantages, so consider what’s most important for your health and wellbeing goals when choosing which loose leaf tea to consume.

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