May 11, 2020 2 min read

Tired of all your FaceTime and Zoom meetings? Why not try something different—and civilized!—to brew excitement?

We’ve heard of virtual tea parties popping up around the country. In fact, Vogue covered the trend in April and offered up festive at-home outfit ideas.

If you’re contemplating your own party, consider these tips for throwing a fabulous bash.

Nepali Tea Traders-Virtual-Tea-Party

  1. Get fancy

We’re not just talking feather trims, jewelry, and oversized straw hats—we’re talking doilies and bursting flower bouquets. If there’s ever a time to add color to your life, it’s now!

Take advantage of this virtual party to spruce up your living space. Pull out the fine china (if you’ve got it) and light some tea candles. If you’re short on cash, consider simple touches like curling hair, painting nails, or putting on a tie.

  1. Pick the venue and send invitations

We weren’t joking when we said “fancy”!

Your virtual venue could be Zoom, FaceTime, WhatsApp, or Skype, but add a sense of formality by putting together an evite. You can feature the menu (encouraging others to cook up the same [bonus points if you include recipes]), plus opportunities for others to share what they’re drinking during the tea party.

  1. Prepare

Time to steep, slice, and bake!

If you’re a whiz in the kitchen, why not try fancy renditions like Moroccan orange and cardamom cake or banana custard eclairs? And if that just sounds like a lot of work, stick with tradition: cucumber and cream cheese sandwiches, store-bought scones, and fresh fruit. This is a great opportunity to get the kids involved, too.

Now it’s time to bring your favorite guest—tea!—to the party. Pick your absolute favorite (we suggest springtime flavors) and be prepared to share tea notes with the group.

  1. Pinkies up

 Whether it’s two for tea or twenty, make sure each person has a chance to share what they’re drinking. This lends structure to the conversation, so everyone isn’t interrupting. Plus, it gives each person a chance to speak.

Use this time to connect, gossip, and maybe even grade each other’s selfies. (After all, you want proof of the party!)

Above all, cherish the tea party not as a way to pass the time, but as a way to enjoy the time. 


Nepali Tea Traders-Virtual-Tea-Party-Recipe

Did you throw a virtual tea party? Tell us how it went! 👇👇👇👇

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