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Choosing quality green tea involves a careful consideration of several factors. This blog highlights a few of such golden rules that define the qualities of any green tea you buy, whether it is Nepal Green Tea or other varieties. By following these tips, you can save money on your green tea and enjoy a better taste.

1. Look for variety

First, you must know the type of green tea you are buying. The criteria will change accordingly. Moreover, not all green teas taste great. For example, sencha green tea is different from other green teas. It tastes different because its tea leaves are grown under string sunlight to retain the maximum aroma.

Similarly, if you buy your tea, you should ensure it contains giant, unbroken needles. On the other hand, when you purchase fukamushi sencha tea, it contains broken leaves because the lengthy processing weakens its leaves. So, sometimes, the broken tea leaves add to the taste, though they are considered to be of a negative quality in green teas. 

2. Opt for a specific tea

Never buy a tea with a generic name, such as simply green tea. Choose one with a definite tea name, such as Japanese green tea. So, if the tea company provides the name of the tea specifically, it indicates a better quality. 

3. Know about the Cultivar

Cultivar is another thing to look for in green tea. It indicates the tea plant that produces the leaves. Quality shops often provide the cultivar of the tea. Mentioning the cultivar name also suggests the honest intention of the tea suppliers to offer the customers a particular taste.

4. Finding the source

Giving the source name helps customers determine whether the tea is original. Suppliers should also mention the area where the tea is produced, as this helps customers enjoy a certain flavor. So, tea produced in a single origin for example the Pokhara Classic Green Tea from Nepali Tea Traders would have different flavors than tea produced in different regions. 

5. Always choose loose leaf and never teabags

A general rule is always to choose loose-leaf tea over tea bags. Tea bags are of inferior quality, and their chemicals can also reduce the taste of the tea. 

Types of Nepali Green Tea

  • Pokhara Classic Green Tea, a high quality Nepal tea

This tea has derived its name from the vibrant city of Nepal, Pokhara. It comes in amber color, a mix shade of yellow and orange and can be consumed as a hot tea or ice tea as per your choice. You can also find this tea in the Whole Foods, Supermarket chain.

  • Ilam Green Tea

This is a vibrant Nepali green tea with slightly twisted leaves. Since it is jet steamed during the production, it retains the fresh and aromatic taste. Ideal for daily consumption, you can take this tea as alone or with a light diet. It is also available for purchase in the Whole Foods stores.

To conclude 

Your green tea should be fresh. This means always buying teas that are not older than one year. Opt for organically produced pesticide complimentary tea. Lastly, tasting is the best way to decide whether green tea is good or bad. Try as much green tea as possible to discover the best taste. Choosing high-quality Nepali Green Tea like Pokhara Classic Green Tea also involves a similar approach.

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