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Tea Can Transform Nepal | Improving Lives in Nepal

At Nepali Tea Traders, our mission is to bring Nepal’s remarkable teas to the growing Western markets (North America and Europe) in order to help the tea farmers and workers improve their lives. We purchase tea from a farmer co-op in Ilam, paying fair prices that help to build a sustainable tea economy. More income means families can afford to send children to school, and communities can provide better education and healthcare, helping break a cycle of poverty.

Every purchase of tea will also support the Nepal Youth Foundation. The organization was founded by Olga Murray when she traveled to Nepal in 1984 and observed the many serious needs in a country that is among the world’s poorest. Today, NYF’s initiatives include health, shelter, and education, with a focus on a special focus on educating girls. Historically, many girls have had to drop out of school at an early age to work and help at home. The Nepal Youth Foundation is working to change this dynamic, with schools, scholarships, and support.Click here to see more

As many of our customers and supporters have done in the past, you may also choose to increase your support to Nepal by adding a direct donation to the Nepal Youth Foundation with your tea purchase or to accompany a gift of tea.  Please note thatyou can use the drop-down menu below to select the contribution level of your choice.

We truly appreciate your support.