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Introducing Nepali Tea Traders

Introducing Nepali Tea Traders — and some of the world’s finest, hand-picked teas. Grown in the rare air of Nepal at altitudes between 4,000 and 8,000 feet, our teas have been “hidden” in the Himalayas — until now.


    • Exceptional Quality - Our teas are some of the finest in the world, rivaling and even surpassing teas from nearby Darjeeling, India.
    • Sustainability - Our teas are either certified organic or naturally grown and processed, without chemicals.
    • Fair Prices for Tea Farmers - Our business focuses on providing Nepal’s tea farmers fair prices and their fair share of the profits.  We’re changing the dynamic of an industry once dominated by middlemen.
    • Reinvestment - Our mission is to reinvest in the tea industry and the children of Nepal, improving health, education and the quality of life.  Learn more about the Nepal Youth Foundation’s work to transform children’s lives: View Video.

You can find our teas at Whole Foods Stores in Colorado now!

Currently you can find us at stores in Highlands Ranch, Tamarac, Washington Park, Colfax, and in Fort Collins.  More stores are coming every week.   Nepali Tea Traders will continue to offer its tea in local, regional and national tea shops.  Call if you have questions.