Sandakphu Hand Rolled Black Tea - Floral with apricot finish

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This top-rated Orthodox black tea evokes the warm days and crisp nights on the slopes of Sandakphu. During the summer harvest, pluckers carefully select two leaves and a bud. The tea is then taken to the withering trough, where it is exposed to cold air, which pulls moisture out. After stabilizing the temperature, the tea is hand-rolled in the trough, which gently bruises the leaves, accelerating oxidation. The tea is then carefully fire-dried. This exquisite tea has a mellow, flowery aroma of Nepalese orchids and wildflowers. The cup has a lovely golden infusion, with the sweet notes of wildflower honey and a lingering apricot finish.


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    Steeping Instructions

    One teaspoon of tea per 8 ounce cup. Cool boiling water for 1 minute, then steep tea 3 - 4 minutes. Tea can be steeped more than once.

    Black Tea

    Black Tea

    3 - 4 Minutes


    Brewing Temp
    Summer Flush
    Caffeine Strength
    Caffeine Strength 3