A Gift of Tea Plus Donation to Nepal Youth Foundation - $60

This gift includes three types of signature pure and flavorful black teas from the Ilam region of Nepal. The teas included in this collection are: - one Black, one Oolong, and one Masala spiced black tea.

Himalayan Golden Black Tea | 2.6 oz  - After a short summer season in Nepal, the Himalayan monsoon approaches the foothills with a magnanimous rush. The golden-red soil of Sandakphu drinks in this moisture, producing a rare artisan tea that reflects all of nature’s goodness. After plucking, the leaves are 25 percent withered, then rolled in mechanical rollers. The tea is then placed in a shaping machine and further dried, producing uniformly curled leaves. The liquor is a distinctive rich golden color, with a cup that is mild yet flavorful, with a lovely balance of stone fruit and honey.  We were honored when the tea was selected as the best Black tea by the North American Tea Championship.

Annapurna Oolong Tea | 3 oz  -  A stunning Himalayan massif, Annapurna is Sanskrit for “Goddess of the Harvests.” One leaf and a bud, plus a mature leaf are plucked. The tea is oxidized slowly, in cold air, then double fried. An exceptional Darjeeling-style oolong, Annapurna Oolong is infused with apricot and muscat grape flavors. Its liquor is full-bodied, revealing a beautiful red-amber hue distinctive to our teas. Subtle notes of malt and caramel linger in the finish.

Nepalese Himalayan Masala Spiced Black Tea Blend | 3 oz - An authentic medley of black tea lightly spiced with cinnamon, cardamom, ginger, cloves, and other spices traditional in Nepal.

Comes in a 6" tall tin guaranteed to keep tea fresh. This item includes your donation of $25 to the Nepal Youth Foundation. Your gift recipients will receive a personalized note describing your generous donation on their behalf.

Steeping Instructions