Virtual Workshop | Collection Of Teas From The Top Of The World - 3 Distinctive Teas | Sampler Pack


This collection includes three pure and flavorful teas from the Ilam region of Nepal. The teas included in this collection are:

Lhotse Black Tea | 3.5 gThis fine Organic Black tea, grown in Jasbirye Village, has a beautiful amber liquor and subtle stone fruit aromas. Invigorating and flavorful, it's an exceptional morning tea. These rare artisan teas are hand-rolled followed by Mechanical rolling to give a fine twist, it is completely oxidized sometime over 26 hours at 6500 feet elevation. The constant flow of cold mist supplied by nature at this altitude makes the oxidation (natural fermentation) process extremely slow which allows a gradual change of Polyphenols to flavonoids (theaflavins and thearubigins) to the extent that it is almost equal in ratio. Once the desired color and nose (flavor) is attained during this natural oxidation process this tea is dried slowly and matured with time and perfection.

Green Pearls Of Agni | 3.5 g -  This unique, smoky green tea reflects the best qualities of our high-altitude Himalayan green teas, vibrant, fresh and flavorful. The green pearls evoke the energy, warmth, and wisdom of the Sanskrit fire god.  This tea is created with fresh leaves that are partially withered with the smoke of oak wood. Leaves are then de-enzymed, cool, and rolled for 25 minutes. Tea leaves are then shaped into balls with the help of a shaping machine. They are dried, hand-sorted, and packed.

Jade Spring White Tea | 3.5 g-The early Spring harvest is set aside for the production of Jade White, which captures all of the freshness of Nepal’s spring. Only select first buds and leaves are plucked and immediately taken to the factory, preserving all of the healthy antioxidants. The leaves are quickly conditioned, resulting in an exquisite lime infusion. The cup reveals a mild balance of peas, asparagus, sweet grass, and mint.

Steeping Instructions