Jasbirey Black Tea - Smooth | Balanced | Amber

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The fresh winds of Kanchenjunga that blow across the high fields of Jasbirey creates this magical brew. Large leaves reveal the purity of the snow-clad mountains that surround Ilam during the autumnal season. A second flush tea, Jasbirey Black undergoes a long oxidation, is naturally dried, then fired. This bold, yet balanced tea is defined by its rich amber color, subtle muscatel notes, and balanced astringency.

Steeping Instructions

One teaspoon of tea per 8 ounce cup. Cool boiling water for 1 minute, then steep tea 3 - 4 minutes.

Black Tea

Black Tea

3 - 4 Minutes
Summer Flush


Brewing Temp
Caffeine Strength
Caffeine Strength 3
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    Very Impressed

    This is my second purchase from NTT and It's been a delightful flavor journey. This tea is simply wonderful. It is not too overpowering with a caffeinated effect but just enough caffeine to enjoy near the evening. There is light earthy flowery and citrusy finish. The aroma is as exotic as the taste. I'm very happy with my purchase. Thanks.

    Travis L.
    Loved the Muscatel Aroma

    I did enjoy the last few supplies of this tea, which is the reason I have ordered this tea again. It was one of my favorites last year. Wonderful cup with a very nice aroma and flavor that lingers. Fantastic tea!

    Nepali Tea Traders

    Hi Travis, Thank you for the great feedback! We truly appreciate it! Have you tried our Lohtse Organic Black tea yet: https://www.nepaliteatraders.com/collections/black-tea/products/lhotse-organic-black-tea-invigorating-flavorful Thanks,

    John M.
    Excellent in all regards

    My Order arrived promptly. It smelled so good that I was able to tell how fresh the tea was. Although I am not a tea connoisseur, I still know what tastes good and what doesn't and both my wife and I liked this black tea from Nepal. Will probably buy again when this one is done.

    Jonathan L.
    One of our Favourite spring tea

    This tea is so good on so various level. It's aroma just lifts up your spirit and the taste is simply amazing!

    Drake L.
    My favorite morning tea!!

    This by far my favorite morning cup of tea. A light amber cup which is very smooth and balanced. There is no astringency or bitter flavors to be found anywhere. The predominate flavors seem to be nuttiness and a light muscatel. Very pleasant to sip on plain. I think this flavor profile is part of why I like Nepali teas so much. It seems almost “soft” in flavor if that makes any sense.