Dhaulagiri White Tea - Crisp | Bright | Fresh

Dhaulagiri is a stunning hand-picked, first flush white tea that is dried and gently rolled, accentuating the purity of Nepal’s spring air. It is named after a stunning white mountain range and reflects its beauty in its pale gold liquor. Its silvery, green leaves have fragrant notes of marjoram, almond, and pine nut with hints of bean sprout and dried lily. Enjoy sipping this comforting tea.



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Steeping Instructions

Two teaspoons of tea per 8 ounce cup. Cool boiling water for 2 minutes, then steep tea 3 - 4 minutes.

White Tea

White Tea

3 - 4 Minutes


Brewing Temp
Spring Flush
Caffeine Strength
Caffeine Strength 1
Ilam, Nepal

Ilam, Nepal



White Tea

White Tea

April 2019

April 2019

Customer Reviews
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Gerry B.
Impressed with this company and the flavor and quality of their tea!

I really enjoyed the Dhaulagiri White Tea, it's smooth and a high-quality tasting tea. Its light flavor makes it easy for me to drink throughout the day. The tea leaves can be re-steeped again for multiple brews. I will definitely be buying it again. The delivery was super fast:)

This is different than most whites. The flavor is stronger. I like it.

The dry leaves look a little more green than a lot of whites do, although the size and texture is definitely a white. The smell reminds me of when you cut your grass but the grass is dry, like on a really hot summer day or in the fall that last cut before winter. Kind of like hay, but still grassy. After a three minute steep, the liquor is darker than I was expecting, a beautiful color, just a little darker than normal, yellow barely tinging on orange. The scent was sweetish, floralish. It tastes somewhat floral, somewhat vegetable. It took me a while to decide that it’s actually mushroomish. This is different than most whites. The flavor is stronger. I like it.

Sororitea S.
Dazzling my taste buds!

This tea was named after the “dazzling, white beautiful mountain.” And that is the perfect name for this Dhulagiri White Tea from Nepali Tea Traders, because this is indeed a beautiful white tea that is positively dazzling my taste buds! I’ve tried a lot of white tea during my career as a tea reviewer, but, I can’t recall ever trying a Nepalese White Tea – until tonight, that is! And I’m so glad to finally be trying this! It’s so good. The flavor is sweet and refreshing, with a slight fruit note that reminds me of melon, and a hint of vegetation that reminds me of the freshest, newest leaf buds on a bush. Now imagine those new leaf buds with a droplet of dew on it … yeah! In the past, I’ve often described the vegetal note of a white tea as “hay-like” but, I think that this has a slightly greener taste than that, and that’s why I used the description of a new leaf bud with a droplet of dew. It is clean and fresh and green, but not overly vegetative. As I sip this, I feel a gentle re-awakening – not really an invigoration – but more like a replenishing of the body and soul from the inside out. This is one of the nicest teas that I’ve received in my Amoda Tea box. There are at least a handful of teas that were very memorable from Amoda Tea, and this one definitely belongs in that handful.

very enjoyable

Non-Chinese white teas are a relatively new thing to me, but this one seems to take some of the traits from a traditional bai mu dan and mix them with characteristics I usually associate with Indian teas. The flavour is quite green and fresh – it’s vegetal but gently sweet at the same time. Then there’s an interesting muscatel-like note that comes in at the end and lingers in the mouth much like what you’d taste in a Nepali and Darjeeling black tea. Very enjoyable.

I like it!!!

Another one from the SSTTB…this is an Amoda sample. It’s a white tea from Nepal I think. It is quite smooth, and has a medium body, for a white, maybe even a little heavier. There is a sweet note, and a little fuzzy on my tongue. I can almost pick out a cherry or plum feel to it, like you might find in a darker oolong, but not as strong. This is actually a fairly relaxing tea to drink. I like it!