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Our Teas   |   Nepal provides ideal growing conditions for fine tea, with distinctive characteristics: rich, golden hues and subtle, delicious flavors. Many of our teas are grown on the slopes of Sandakphu, which border Darjeeling, India – renowned for its remarkable teas. Grown in pure soils without chemical fertilizers or pesticides, some of our teas have already achieved their organic certification.

Black Teas

Black teas from Nepal have a distinctive amber or golden hue and a rich, fragrant flavor. Black teas are fully oxidized and dried, creating an invigorating tea experience. We also offer Masala teas in the true Nepalese tradition – spiced with ginger, cloves, cinnamon, cardamom and black pepper – to create light and flavorful black tea blends.

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Green Teas

Green teas have a fresh, vegetal flavor and health-promoting benefits. Green tea is picked quickly, fired and dried, halting the oxidation process. The result is a delicate, delicious tea, which retains its vitamins and antioxidants.

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Oolong Teas

Long on flavor, long on antioxidants, light on caffeine – enjoy the benefits of our delicious oolongs. Partially oxidized, oolong teas are light amber in color and have a slightly sweet flavor and aroma. Many experts believe that Oolongs are the most distinctive and enjoyable of all fine teas.

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White Teas

White teas are light in color, with a fresh, pure flavor. Among the rarest of teas, white teas are picked before the buds are fully opened and then quickly dried. Because they are lightly processed, white teas have important health benefits and are low in caffeine as compared to coffee or black teas.

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A specialty tea, our Nepali-style "pu'erh" is a distinctive, post-oxidized black tea with a brisk flavor and earthy nuances. Like the classic pu'erhs from China, our tea is dried slowly and carefully matured.

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